Wednesday, 9 April 2008

show and tell

A lovely wire heart which i recieved yesterday from Alison who has a lovely newly opened shop selling lots of lovely things.
A knitted string shopping/market bag which i made up last week while i was feelinf a bit of it, in fact i made up a few extra ones as well.i found the pattern for it on purl bee.
This one is SOLD- THANK YOU DENISE.others still available though
this is the bag with some bannanas in just to show you how much it stretches, it fits lots in.
EDIT - yes the bags are for sale.

Then, this was a first for me, knitting on dpns, but i managed it ok and here is my first knitted apple jacket, so no more bruises for my apples, Ellie wants one for her teacher.

Sally if your reading these are yours!!i just need to add some hangers to them.


Vintage Amethyst said...

Oooohh thank you for the advertisement! Fab!
I absolutely love that bag, are you going to be selling the other ones?
I love the little apple jacket and those hearts are just too adorable, you talented little missy!
love Alison x

Kitty said...

Gorgeous stuff here today Sarah ... your knitting is SO neat!

Off to check out Alison's place now. x

Pipany said...

Gosh, so much loveliness! Really love those string bags xx

pink-petal-designs said...

hi, Alison, yep they are going to be for sale.

Cara said...

I have an apple jacket too - Moo knitted it for me, I'm still learning to cast on! I love those knitted hearts, will you be adding them?? :) Cara x

the flour loft said...

Hi Sarah,
The string bags are lovely and what a novel idea.. an apple jacket. The apple looks really cute and cosy in there.
ps. thank you for your lovely comment.

Dena Berg (SugarShop) said...

Love that! And how cute is the apple coat???

Penny said...

Hi Sarah, you are quick like a bunny!!! Your bags are lovely and you have inspired me to crochet some of them! Nice work! Maybe I will try to knit one, it takes me so much longer than crocheting though. Hum, well, I'll try at least one knitted and see how it goes.

tillyboo said...

Wonderful stuff, especially like the bag, puts a whole new meaning to 'string bag'. Very, very pretty & useful too.
Do you think there'd be a market for corsage string vests ? :)