Tuesday, 21 October 2008

crochet, bodyshop and new unit

What a boring title post, i couldn't think of what to put. Has anyone tried the bodyshop body butter? Katy at i'm a ginger monkey sent me some as a gift last christmas and i have fallen in love with it , it smell so lovely. Well i needed some more so decided to throw a body shop party for a friend (which ment i got mine for free), since then my oldest daughter has signed up and become a consultant for body shop.So my night time knitting has now gone out the window as most of my friends are holding parties for her, which means i have been invited to them, i can see this costing me money lol.
I just fancied making something differant from the cotton cloths and mug warmers which i have orders for and wipped up this really quick, it crochet and iv'e turned it into a bobble for my youngest daughter. the pattern for the flower i found here
why is this the wrong way round?? It's my new set of drawers which i picked up the other day, its much nicer in real, white wood with wicker baskets which are now al full of dvd's and ds games, all neatly put away. The heart which is hanging on the front was a gift from Natalie at Summer by the sea.

Friday, 17 October 2008

flower hair clips and new patterns

My camera is back.....I just fancied making something today, i have a big order for the mug warmers and cotton cloths but thought before i start it i wanted to make these flower hairclips.
I also bought this great pattern for knitted donuts from here, arn't they cute!
the next pattern i have is one of Julie's at little cotton rabbits, its for her lovely yummy cakes which im looking forward do making a batch of.
and last but not least i have my copy of SEW HIP which is full of lovely patterns and lots of other things.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

just a quickie

This post is just a quick one as i have no camera to take any pics with . I just wanted to tell you about a new crafting site its called busymitts and has lots of lovelythings on there.I have just joined.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

getting back in the swing

Last night i was just in the mood to get my machine out again and have been waiting to make up this basket which is a tutorial by Pink Penguin over there in my favs list.I made it just the right size to hold some of my knitted cotton cloths.
primark has some new cupcake tea towels in which i just had to buy, how cute are these?

Thursday, 2 October 2008

its been a while

since i last blogged, i have had the lurgy and just couldn't be bothered with much. I have managed to add to my slow growing pile of grannie squares
also been slow again i have at last got some moo cards
and have been making some cards of my own, the images are from tigerfrogg who also has some new halloween ones
Now im feeling a bit better i have loads of orders to get started on, more mug warmers and cotton cloths, so nothing new to show you. Right im going to catch up on some blogging now.