Saturday, 31 May 2008

SWAP.... now closed

Right here goes.....
its the first time i have hosted a swap so hope i have got it right.

swap partners goes like this....
Kath sorry you got me

Clare and Penny

Lisa and Marcia

Katy and Sewto bed

Jenny and Sara

Karen and meridianariel

Driftwood and Miaoucrafts

Hope everyone is happy with their swap partners, if you could just drop each other a line and say hello and swap details.

The swap is for anything you can use in the kitchen, it can be sewn, knitted, crochet, coasters, teapot covers, anything that would look nice in the kitchen.
I was thinking the date for posting to be June 20th, i know that seems quite soon, so hope this is ok with everyone.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Blog Birthday

Next week its my birthday, and my blog birthday so i am going to be doing a little giveaway, not sure what its going to be yet.I can't believe a whole year has passed since i started blogging, i still feel quite new to it. I v'e made loads of new blog friends so thank you all for reading even though i dont often write much.

I also have a little swap going on, its anything that you would use in the kitchen and so far there is ten of us, names in the last post, I will leave it until Saturday and see if anyone else joins us.

Monday, 26 May 2008

anyone for a swap??

Hope everyone is having a nice bank holiday, i spent last night making these. Egg cosies which will be added to shop later today.
I mentioned in the last post if anyone would be interested in a little dishcloth, kitchen things swap,it dosn't have to be dishcloths, just something you would use in the kitchen, there has been a few takers so though it would be nice to do a little group swap as Penny said, soso far there is four of us , will leave it open until Sataurday.
Jenny Flower
Sarah (me)

Friday, 23 May 2008


EDIT (again) i have been thinking with all the swaps going on, would anyone like to do a dishcloth swap? or anything you can use in the kitchen if you dont knit/crochet?

Dish/face cloths in 100% cotton with a matching soap sack.
i am addicted to crochet !! I have been making loads of these and soon will be putting some in the shop.
***EDIT***** They are now in the shop

The giveaway draw will be done later as my daughter likes to do it and is far to busy with her friend right now with my craft stuff lol.

********* SUZIE SEWS IS THE WINNER********* my oldest daughter did it in the end.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Thank you Kitty

update pic of my lovely kittens. orrrrr
i got a suprise in the post yesterday from Kitty, some lovely wool and look at that fabric, flowers and polka dot, my fav.
Thank you Kitty.
Also the giveaway is still running, will leave it until Friday.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Gifts and giveaway!

i have just opened the most lovely gift from Penny, just look at these tea towels, and iv'e tried to do a close up because Penny has stitched "Sarah's Kitchen" on them, although these are far to nice to actually use and they are going to be just for show !
In my fav colours too!

right, heres the giveaway, my pics have all come out the wrong way round,but here goes, Penny you are going to be so proud of me..... i have at last worked out how to do the little crochet things and this is my first one, although she's not spot on perfect i am very pleased with her, so just leave your comments and we will do a draw for the winner of her.
Next up is the last of my order for the tea and cake room, its baking kits made using calico fabric, inside is childrens baking things and then tied up with rope and a cookie cutter added to the tie.
Here's my new camera bag from Penny also, do you remember the wrap up bag i had made with the same fabric, well now i have this great camera bag to go with it, i LOVE it, check out Penny's blog, i think she may have some in her shop.
inside has extra padding and a little pocket to store your memory card in etc.

Also these came from Penny, i just love crochet dish/face cloths and Penny has made these two for me, again i dont think i can bring myself to actually use them,lol, too nice.

Thank you so much Penny.
Also the babushka keyrings in the last post, i am making some more of the fabric flat ones, i have had a few emails asking about them so i will try and get some more made up this weekend.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

two babushka dolls which i put in the shop today . Just fancied sitting down and doing a bit of hand sewing today.
not sure if to put these cards in there too??
EDIT****Thanks everyone for your lovely words about the cards, i havn't put them in the shop yet, but if anyone would like them they are £1.50 each. Thanks.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

cakes cards and awards

Do you like these sort of cards???

I recieved a lovely award from Kitty
Haven't been doing much the last few days as we have all been out enjoying the sun while its here.
But i did manage to knit some more cakes while i have been sat outside, only another seven to go now.
The kittens are getting bigger and a bit more playful now, will post some more pics of them soon.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Just look what i got from Clare, i am soooo pleased with my swap things, i just hope now that Clare likes hers too. I got this lovely mini quilt which is just my colours.
a cute fairy girl which matches, and just look at my cat door hanger, how cute is this??
THEN, yes theres more, is a cute Bunny face which Clare also has a pattern for on her blog and this great little needle case, complete with pink pins.
I love everything, thank you so much Clare.
A few update pics of the kittens, they have all opened their eyes now.
This one is just so cute!!

This pic should have been at the top, i managed to run upstairs to get my camera before i ripped open the paper, i forgot to mention my lovely handmade card which is fab, has three fabric hearts on the front.
here they all are together.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

knitting and swaps

Some of these can be found in my etsy shop too
15 crochet flower corsages all made up ready for their new owner
now i just need to make another 12 of these cakes (13 now as i have just added this one to etsy)
Here they are, my swap goodies have arrived from Pauline and they are even better in real, the stitching is so neat, i have tried to get a close up. Pauline is soon going to add some of her things to her new blog, littlebig projects, over there in my favs list.
these are so yummy, they look good enough to eat.
and i just love this little one which has a hanger to use as a phone charm , yes it really is so small it must have been so hard to make. Pauline has these for sale at $8 inc the p&P, iv'e already placed an order for another one.
Here they all are together.Thank you so much Pauline i LOVE them !