Sunday, 8 February 2009

more of the crochet blanket n treats for me

These are the treats for me, my daughter is a body shop consultant and i had a party for her last week, heres what i got, some lovely smelling cherry flavour shower gel, i also got the body butter to go with it, it smells so yummy and who could resist pink large nail files?

I have been wabting some of these lovely brushes for a while now.
I have sewed up the pile of granny squares i have been making because i just couldn't wait anymore, now i am still making them and adding round, it's quite big all ready but im going to keep going until i run out of yarn, its so soft.

I have just come across the lovely atic24 blog which has some of the most lovely crochet going on and where i found the pattern for this, its just a jam jar but im going to use it on my table to put pens etc in.

While doing the food shopping i picked up some mini daffs which are just the right size for my shabby chic tea cup.

Monday, 2 February 2009

It's a snow day!!

Don't ya just love to see it snowing.