Wednesday, 25 July 2007

We had a nice day yesterday, the sun was out and so was we, we went for a lonk walk around Elvaston castle took the dog with us as well and tired us all out. On the way home we stopped of at asda and found this tent for a bargin price of £8, so thought what a good idea for over the holidays for the kids to have a their "den" outside.
We got it all set up quickly and easily in fact the kids did it on their own.
They decided they was going to sleep in it all night, anyway i went along with it saying yes you can thinking to myself they will soon come running back in when its dark.Well it got dark i wen out to say goodnight, switched of all the lights etc and went to peep out the window upstairs waiting for them to come running in, i waited...... and waited, but no they didnt they were serious about thins, i went outside looked in and they were both almost asleep in their sleeping bags, i had to drag them back in, lol.

But i did manage to get this bunny knitted while they were out playing camping.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Matching bathroom set a face cloth and tisse holder and storage bag, i just love this fabric, its laura ashley bibi, im going to get some more, in the attic i had a old bookcase, just a small one its a bit ugly so im going to paint it and use this fabric to make like a curtain at the front to cover all the junk im going to put on the shelves.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

bags and doorstops

Well its raining here AGAIN so went out and bought the kids a dvd and sat down at my machine and made this door stop and tote bag.
Day one of the school holidays is been spent inside but sos far so good, hopefully the weather is going to pick up so we can get out and about with the kids.If anyone would like a doorstop i am making them for sale and the bag is listed on ebay. x

New pincushion and patchwork

Iv'e really wanted to make a patchwork quilt so decided to try a small one to see how it turned out, i loved seeing it come together but wondered what i was going to do with it when i had finished, anyway its not a quilt anymore, my daughter came home and said "love your rug" so here it is, its in her bedroom as a rug, although god help anyone who uses it as a rug and walks on it lol .

This can now go in the bin because.......
I am now the owmer of a brand new pin cushion which came from the lovely Samantha from plump-pudding, over there in my fav blogs, and if im right i think she may still have some more for sale, its so nice my photo dosn't show it at its best but if you go to Samanthas blog you will see some much better photos.I really must learn how to add the links, could anyone tell me but in a simple way.

Friday, 20 July 2007


Made three more notebook covers ready to list on ebay last night,two is with laura ashley fabris and then the other i have been saving, its vintage look women doing their housework, i love it.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

towel makeover

Gave a cheap cream towel a makeover and added some fabric and some cream trim, then made a little bag to add a few toiletries in.

Just got back from the dentist, i hate going there and had to have a filling, so am feeling a little bit missrable now.Then all the things i listed on ebay, not one got a bid and they end tomorrow. My hoover has broke, so thats the three.


Tuesday, 17 July 2007

bargin find and bunnies

Made this cute little bunny last night, she has a denim dress and denim pants trimmed with pink buttons and i made a matching bag to carry her in in pink gingham.
Also had to go to dunelm yesterday and while i was there i nipped in to the bargin corner to see what they had there and saw the beanbag which my daughter had been asking for one for a while now and it was just my colours, pink,it didn't have a ticket on though so had to go and find someone to ask, "oh just a minite she said i have a ticket to put on that, its £4.99" i grabbed it !

Monday, 16 July 2007

update on blanket

Got some more of the ripple blanket done this weekend.
Also made some tissue holders to put in the teachers bags on Friday along with a book cover for each of them.

Thursday, 12 July 2007


The winner of the unpicker holder is MOLLY CUPCAKES and seen as i only need one myself the other winner pulled out by my daughter is VANESSA. If you could pick which one you want and i will pop them in the post.
forgot to say will be picking the winner of the unpicker case tonight when my daughter comes home from school so she can do the draw.

free ribbon

I have some ribbon here and if anyone can make some use of it its yours for free.
It is almost 2inch width and has the wire edge, great christmas colours.
Also been busy and listed this lot on ebay, a few people have emailed me to ask if i sell my things i make . well i do but i only have ebay.its pink-petal-designs ebay name,

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

little cutie

Made this little cutie today and my daughter hasn't put her down yet.

Monday, 9 July 2007


Made these over the weekend , its to house my unpicker and if anyone needs one of these like me then i am giving one away (you can pick which one) just leave your comment and will pick on Thursday. Although many of you wont be like me who has to often unpick lol.I do have them for sale as well.

book covers

I have been asked about the book covers by a few people if i will be selling them so have made a few more up. This one is made using Laura Ashley fabric, love pinks browns and cream colours.

Also made a matching tote bag to go with it.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

I won this.......

I won this lovely blanket on tuggle site , which i read about on Sarah blog, (picture in stitches) over there in my favs list who sells her wonderful creations on there. is the site

It is all knitted by hand in 100% cotton and is so soft i will treasure it forever.

Felicity Anne who made this blanket has them for sale on tuggle and it came in its own case, im so pleased about winning this.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

another ripple and sewing day

Started another ripple blanket, bought some lovely 100% cotton yarn from ebay in differant colours and its lovely to crochet, although its so like just one more bit... can't seem to put it down and no housework seems to be getting done lol.
Also bought the 200 ripple stitch patterns book so i will be rippling for a while.

Close up of the colours

Also recieved today this great book and made up a small tote bag.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Note book cover

This is a note book cover from the book.Changed it slightly in size and added the flower.

something good in the mail...

This is a bag which i have changed in size and going to use for storage.
Here's what i got in the post today, just waiting for Bend the rules sewing now so hopefully it will be here in the morning.Great book.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Ripple blanket

Iv'e started a ripple blanket and i can't put it down, im loving seeing the rows grow, just using pastel colours for my first one, going to give it to a friend who is due a baby in Nov, so should have it finished by then.I only learnt to crochet a few weeks ago and im loving it.

work in progress

Had some more cards to make up this weekend, so heres my table in work.
And here is some of the finished cards.