Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Happy Halloween everyone....... were having a party tonight !!! This little mini scrapbook albums is for the pics.

Friday, 26 October 2007

doll clothes and parcels in the post

Just recieved these in the post, they are great books full of ideas for gifts and cards etc.
I have just listed lots of lovely hand knitted doll clothes for my mum on ebay so please take a peek. Also putting on some handmade cards .
Also i am jus a few of 100 posts so keep a look out for a giveaway coming. x

Thursday, 25 October 2007


A few weeks ago me and Penny from decided to do a swap, we had to choose a colour and send things in that colour, i sent Penny yellows and this is the lovely package i recieved from Penny, there was a lovely bag in cream with brown fabric inside its lovely and my pics dont do it any justice, i love it, lots of ribbon and fabric a lovely crochet basket and buttons. Thank you Penny.

Also i was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Melissa at , its a lovely print and it reminds me of my cat. Its a Zoe Ingram print and i could choose which one i wanted which was so hard to do as they are all so lovely.
Have a big order to be getting on with so might not get much posting done this week.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Now that the orders are all up to date the knitting needles have come out again and made this cute little baby gift set

Monday, 15 October 2007

Back to normal...

Back to normal again after spending last week with a bug, on to some orders and heres a few pics. Cheque book covers pinks. stripe and polka dot - SOLD
Polka dot -SOLD
Cheque book covers green blues and black
Black - SOLD
Pink polka dot and floral pencil roll - SOLD

Yo Yo cards with cath kidston fabric.
SOLD- thank you Katy

Thursday, 11 October 2007

loads of things.....

Firstly im feeling much better today, and then the postman came which made me feel even better..... i won this lovely prize from Katy at I'm a ginger monkey which had loads of things in there, a lovely little pot painted by Katys daughter which was filled with fabric yo yos buttons ribbon crochet flowers loads of things and a lovely piece of fabric as well. Thank you Katy ! x

Then.... some new fabric , i love the cat one, some laura ashley and some pink polka dot , i love polka dot fabric

Then , yes theres more, i also won this lovely blog from RIC RAC , where there was a giveaway whic Jodie listed some of her lovely things for you to choose from, i had this lovely bag which has some lovely hand sewn detail, its fab i love it thanks Jodie, go check her out.

While i have been feeling a bit of it i did manage to make up some cards, this one has a cath kidston fabric yo yo on it

This one is a baby card, im running low on baby cards so thought i would make up a few

and heres another baby card

WIP's, heres some cheque book covers waiting to be finished, more need to be added to these as well as i have been asked to make a few.
Also while i have been feeling of it i have been doing a lot of blog reading and come across a few new blogs.....
Katy at I'M A GINGER MONKEY who has some lovely hand sewn horses and a new range, a lovely dino.
Lauri at 23 BEACH HILL who also has some lovely creations
Angela at BRAMBLEBERRIES who makes lovely wooden signs and other fab things,
Go check them out there is some lovley things on them all, i STILL dont know how to do the links but they are all over there in my fav blog list.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

photo gift idea

I haven't done much over the last few days due to having the bug which is going round , so with no sewing to show you im going to show you a great little gift idea, this is made from one of those plastic storage box's , the buisness card size.
First cover the box in some scrapbooking paper, lightly sand the edges and apply some mod podge, which is like a pva glue for extra protection. Then add your embelishments to the top.
I used a chipboard F painted in red, for family.

then inside its just playing cards which have been covered using more scrapbooking papers of your choice, adding the ribbon to alternate through the cards so they fold out.

Add pics of your family or a special occasion and add other embelishments as you go along

Makes a great little gift
Will be back with more sewing as soon as i can shake this cold off.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

A Yummy Thankyou....

.....with love from Molly and Cataherine, from molly cupcakes, last week i sent a headscarf for Molly as she had lost hers, i couldn't find the same one but did manage to find a girly pink one which Molly loved and today in the post i recieved a lovely thankyou presant from Molly and Catherine, they sent me one of Catherines lovely wooden spoons, a really cute little note book and a lovely handmade card saying a big yummy thankyou. I was so pleased to recieve this this morning, thank you so much Molly and Catherine. xx
Also in the post yesterday came this lovely camera case from Rachel over at Hilda May, its just the right size for my camera, i love it, thanks Rachel.

Now for these, over at simple sparrow (i know i must learn how to add links) well, its to crochet a granny blanket and to get me motivated iv'e joined in with making sure i do at least one a day until iv'e finished, not sure if to stick with doing all the same colour or to make differant ones??

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

pet carrier

Heres our new kitten, well my daughters new kitten in her new carrier......while in the pet shop looking for what we could buy for her we saw some lovely pet carriers, and then it came "mum you could make her one" and im saying no way can i make one of those i not good enough to make one.
We came home and i looked on ebay and found some patterns and thought why not, i've never made anything from a pattern before so was a bit nervous. I read through the pattern did evereything it said all step by step and here it is, im so proud of myself .It even has a magnetic snap which i have never done before and a little clasp inside to attatch to the kitten so she can't jump out, she seems to like it but sorry the pic is the wrong way round.
Just added some new bits in the etsy shop, please take a peek if you have time. x

Monday, 1 October 2007

Craft inc book and cheque book cover

Hi, i am just showing all you crafters this book to see if anyone would like to buy it before i put it on ebay, its new and is great for anyone who wants to know all about turning their hobby into a business, its £10 + £2 for p&p. *SOLD*
Amy Butler fabric cheque book cover to keep in my bag