Thursday, 11 October 2007

loads of things.....

Firstly im feeling much better today, and then the postman came which made me feel even better..... i won this lovely prize from Katy at I'm a ginger monkey which had loads of things in there, a lovely little pot painted by Katys daughter which was filled with fabric yo yos buttons ribbon crochet flowers loads of things and a lovely piece of fabric as well. Thank you Katy ! x

Then.... some new fabric , i love the cat one, some laura ashley and some pink polka dot , i love polka dot fabric

Then , yes theres more, i also won this lovely blog from RIC RAC , where there was a giveaway whic Jodie listed some of her lovely things for you to choose from, i had this lovely bag which has some lovely hand sewn detail, its fab i love it thanks Jodie, go check her out.

While i have been feeling a bit of it i did manage to make up some cards, this one has a cath kidston fabric yo yo on it

This one is a baby card, im running low on baby cards so thought i would make up a few

and heres another baby card

WIP's, heres some cheque book covers waiting to be finished, more need to be added to these as well as i have been asked to make a few.
Also while i have been feeling of it i have been doing a lot of blog reading and come across a few new blogs.....
Katy at I'M A GINGER MONKEY who has some lovely hand sewn horses and a new range, a lovely dino.
Lauri at 23 BEACH HILL who also has some lovely creations
Angela at BRAMBLEBERRIES who makes lovely wooden signs and other fab things,
Go check them out there is some lovley things on them all, i STILL dont know how to do the links but they are all over there in my fav blog list.


mollycupcakes said...

Hi Honey,
What lovely gifts and I bet you was so pleased when the postman come. I've been waiting at the door for mine lol and pouncing on everything falling throught the door hehe!

Is there any chance you could me me a cheque book cover in the gorgeous pink and white dotty fabric you recieved? please let me know.

Thanks sweetie.

Catherine x

tillyboo said...

Just thought I'd drop in say hello today. The cards are lovely, I've made a few this week too if you want to have a peep.

I knew the cheque book covers would be popular, glad I got my order in first ...

Thank-you for the mention too, it's very kind of you. I'm new to blogging so haven't had very many visitors.

Cathy said...

What great things to get from the postie! Those cards are really pretty. Sounds like you are pretty busy - well done for getting things done!
Cathy X

Angela-Brambleberries said...

ooh, so pretty! thanks for giving me a mention, i'm not sure how to add a link either (if anyone knows please can you let us know)
Angela x

Melissa Goodsell said...

These are sooo yum to look at - gorgeous goodies and how scrummy is the cat fabric!

Heidijayhawk said...

now that must be an awesome postman. lucky gal!

Katy said...

thank you for the mention!!!! I'm glad you like your pot of goodies. What a great freebie bag too - lucky girl!!!
Also........those cards, do you sell them at all??? They're lovely!

Meg said...

The card with the yoyo is my favorite! Do all checkbooks in the UK open sideways? In US our checkbooks open differently, the cover lifts up (like a steno pad.) Interesting. I make checkbook covers too but I guess that I better not send them to friends in UK! So nice to see what you're making, enjoyed reading.