Wednesday, 27 August 2008

200th post !!

I have made it to my 200th post and here's a thank you gift to you for taking the time to read through my blog. I am having a giveaway and its going to be for a mug warmer, not sure what the colour will be , that can be upto the winner, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.
I have started doing some granny squares with the yarn that Penny sent to me.
and here's the scarf all finished.

Next one im going to make for me, these are lovely to make and i think there will be more of them making their way into some christmas stockings this year.
Also finished is the 20 knitted cloths, they just need the packaging and then i will take some pics.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

New yarn

Remember me asking where i could get my hands on some sugar n cream yarn.... well the lovely Penny answered my prayers and heres what i recieved today from Penny, there's loads of it and im one happy bunny now, its so nice and soft to use.Each ball has a pattern on too.
i just had to start something with it straight away and couldn't wait to make one of these scarfs which is also something Penny told me about.

Also, not just the yarn Penny also sent me loads of fabric. Thank you so much !!

Mt next post is my 200th so there will be a giveaway going onhere, im thinking of a mug warmer??

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

brown paper packages

tied up with string.....

these are a few of my favorite things, and inside is my fav things, lovely cotton yarn from Karen!
Karen offered to get my some of this when i saw it on her blog.... not really i pestered her to go back and get me some lol.
Can you believe these were 50p a ball, what a bargin for cotton yarn, also Karen sent me some net to make some scrubbies with, iv'e not made any of those before but im going to give it a try, and some really cute cat face buttons. Thank you Karen, go check out her blog for a lovely mini quilt.
heres another bargin i picked up for just £1.99

and heres another baby hat which is going on etsy

Monday, 18 August 2008

lets bake

Big sis took Ellie to the cinema on Saturday so while they were there i was in the mood to sew and made up this little baking kit bag for Ellie

there won't be time for anymore sewing this week as i have to make up more of these..

and 20 of these.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

more knitting

Iv'e been wanting to make one of these bracelet cuffs for ages after seeing lots of them about, here's my version.
Also this cute little baby hat with daisy flowers on
Here's me modeling the bracelet. Both of these are going in the shop

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

swap packages

Today the postman brought me not one but two lovely packages. The first is my swap from Rachels cupcake swap. Lily was my swap partner and has sent me the most lovely package which included this fantastic apron which has so much detail in it, the colours, the three pockets on the front, the colours everything i love about it, and then to top it all it has another side to it which is just as nice. Thank you so much Lily, Lilly's pics are better then mine too so the top two pics are from her lovely blog where you will find lots more great things.

Also in my package was some coffee and these lovely coasters which i had been eying up on Lily's blog, six of them all together, arn't i lucky !!

The next parcel was from Tamar and her daughter Talia (isn't that a cute name) . Mel hosted a swap for the kids to recieve a parcel, sewing/crafting. I mentioned that Laura like scrapbooking and look at all the lovely goodies that arrived in the post today for her!
There is sewing, papers, ribbons, stamps, fabric, sewing set, a scrapbooking box set to make, rub ons, brads and more and more, click the pics for a better look.Thank you so much Tamar and Talia. If you have a look at Tamar's blog you will see lots of lovely things on there as she is lucky enough to run her own shop full of goodies.
Also i just joined FOLKSY

Monday, 11 August 2008

my weekend bargins

Been having a little spend, first this set of three lovley mixing bowls in blue cream and pink which were only £3.99
next these side plates which i think are lovely which were only £1.99 for the four and came in a lovely box too, as did the bowls.

here is the box, i wish i had bought some more which i could have used as gifts.
These two book i bought for our neighbours who have an alotment and often bring us things from there.
Heres one for the men!
and even a treat for the pets, this cute treat holder which was just £1.99
then last but not least i picked up this ........
which the kitten just loves as much as me

Thursday, 7 August 2008

while away...

EDIT***The winner has been picked.... IT'S A SPOONFULL OF SUGAR. Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments and another giveaway coming up in a few posts, its nearly my 200th, wow.

Sorry i still have not done the winner for the giveaway, it will be done sometime later today. We have been away for a few days to my mums. Had a day on Bridlington beach and fish n chips for tea. Mmmmm.

i picked up a new knitting bag, the Tesco Cath Kidston bag which is just great and i wish i had got a few more.
These two suitcases which i have had my eye on for a while and was half price so i grabbed them.
I took my needles with me and managed to get some knitting done. More mug warmers and face cloths which were for an order.
I also picked up this lovely cotton aran yarn in pink which is just so soft and made these ones for the shop. * not sure why the link isn't working but the shop is at the side bar* Thank you Emma.

Friday, 1 August 2008

house pillow

Little house pillow.... i made this for Ellie to have on her bed and made the little houses into a pocket for her to "house" and little things she takes to bed with her , which is usually her ds, now she can slip it in her pocket and not lose it in the night.
Also knitted this dress dishcloth, which is a brilliant idea i found the pattern for on ravelry, once you have used it you just hang it onto your washing up liquid to dry it out ready for next time, i made this one using double strands of cotton yarn.

Don't forget theres still time to enter the giveaway in the last post

CAN ANYONE HELP ... im after some lily sugar and cream yarn, does anyone know where i can get some ?