Thursday, 4 October 2007

A Yummy Thankyou....

.....with love from Molly and Cataherine, from molly cupcakes, last week i sent a headscarf for Molly as she had lost hers, i couldn't find the same one but did manage to find a girly pink one which Molly loved and today in the post i recieved a lovely thankyou presant from Molly and Catherine, they sent me one of Catherines lovely wooden spoons, a really cute little note book and a lovely handmade card saying a big yummy thankyou. I was so pleased to recieve this this morning, thank you so much Molly and Catherine. xx
Also in the post yesterday came this lovely camera case from Rachel over at Hilda May, its just the right size for my camera, i love it, thanks Rachel.

Now for these, over at simple sparrow (i know i must learn how to add links) well, its to crochet a granny blanket and to get me motivated iv'e joined in with making sure i do at least one a day until iv'e finished, not sure if to stick with doing all the same colour or to make differant ones??


Cathy said...

What lovely gifts...and came just in time before the postal strike!
I started some Granny squares ages ago and did quite a few but then put them away and forgot about them. Seeing yours reminded me so maybe I'll dig them out and have another go.
Cathy X

shabby chic said...

Just wanted to drop in and say what a lovely blog , love all your bits and pieces and choices of fabrics and love those hair clips too. I make cards as a hobby but i just do fairys as I get enthusiastic about fairys !!I love the pet holder too!!does cat come free !

Katy said...

That wooden spoon is far to nice to use...mine is stained a horrid colour from sitting in pots of food for too long (it did only come from the supermarket, so it doesn't really matter I s'pose!!!) I love the camera bag as well, very fancy ^_^

Levin (and Emily) said...

oooooh your granny squares are beautiful. I'm trying to do two a day to get through the blanket - but alas, last night I didn't make any :( but I did start on another bag :)
I love your camera bag - I love the fabrics she chose for you - just beautiful.
I also love your wooden spoon. Have you ever made Nigella Lawson's cupcakes - they are brilliant!

Tracy said...

Such lovely gifts! Treat in the mail sure cheers the week. Love your granny squares...I like that they're all the same colors. I'm not too good at crochet, much better at knitting, but love admiring all the crocheting in blogland! Happy weekent to you & yours ((HUGS))

tillyboo said...

What a lovely, lovely blog, so many fab goodies !
Your kitten is just so gorgeous, beautiful colour. I love the crochet squares, my daughter has a wonderful crochet blanket that my mum picked up in a charity shop. I'm just so pleased we saved it as so much care & love must have gone into it.

Thank-you for your lovely comment about my robins. I need to make a whole flock !
Laurie x

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Sarah,
Your very welcome, Molly and I are very glad you like them all.
We you enjoy making cupcake mixes with the spoon and lots of notes with the pad.

Cute camera bag and pretty sqaures.

Enjoy the weekend honey.

Hugs Catherine x

Miles Away In France said...

Ooh, lovely gifts, you lucky thing.

I think the granny squares are a lovely colour and it would be nice to stick with the same.

Racheal x

Melissa Goodsell said...

oh such lovely things to look at...LOVE the granny squares!

buttercup & roses said...

I have the same pink spotty spoon from Cathrine, their just so sweet!!
Parcel on its way soon sarah, as soon as the postie decides to get going again!
Hope your having fun with your new kittie
Jen xx