Wednesday, 25 July 2007

We had a nice day yesterday, the sun was out and so was we, we went for a lonk walk around Elvaston castle took the dog with us as well and tired us all out. On the way home we stopped of at asda and found this tent for a bargin price of £8, so thought what a good idea for over the holidays for the kids to have a their "den" outside.
We got it all set up quickly and easily in fact the kids did it on their own.
They decided they was going to sleep in it all night, anyway i went along with it saying yes you can thinking to myself they will soon come running back in when its dark.Well it got dark i wen out to say goodnight, switched of all the lights etc and went to peep out the window upstairs waiting for them to come running in, i waited...... and waited, but no they didnt they were serious about thins, i went outside looked in and they were both almost asleep in their sleeping bags, i had to drag them back in, lol.

But i did manage to get this bunny knitted while they were out playing camping.


Heidijayhawk said...

kids will make a lier out of you every time. geez. but that bunny? awesomely cute!

buttercup & roses said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...
What a great find for £8.00! They should get days of fun from that!!!


mollycupcakes said...

Love the bunny.
Sounds like they kids had great fun in their new tent. Brave things wanting to sleep outside all night.
Hope they have lots more fun, I used to make tents out my mum's bedlinen. Great fun.

Enjoy the summer hols.
Catherine x

Lissilulu said...

Thanks for coming on over for my handbag give-away celebration!

Ragged Roses said...

Lovely bunny! My two love camping in the garden, but neither of them have stayed all night - just yet!
Kim x