Monday, 26 May 2008

anyone for a swap??

Hope everyone is having a nice bank holiday, i spent last night making these. Egg cosies which will be added to shop later today.
I mentioned in the last post if anyone would be interested in a little dishcloth, kitchen things swap,it dosn't have to be dishcloths, just something you would use in the kitchen, there has been a few takers so though it would be nice to do a little group swap as Penny said, soso far there is four of us , will leave it open until Sataurday.
Jenny Flower
Sarah (me)


Kitty said...

Gorgeous egg cosies - so pretty!

I won't do your swap this time Sarah, but hopefully next time (when I might be a bit more 'settled').

Take care. x

Cathy said...

I would love to do your swap but I just don't have the time (or the crocheting ability). I love the dishcloths - such a good idea. I am going to try to find and pattern and master it once and for all, but am not quite ready to show anyone else my results!!
Cathy X

Penny said...

Sarah, I'm in!! (just in case you didn't already know this from my last comment and two emails!)
You are amazing with those needles, your egg cozies are beautiful. have you ever actually used an egg cozy? I've never eaten a coddled egg before, is this when you would use a cozy?

quiltdude said...

I'll join in but I've never made a washcloth before, perhaps it will be something else for the kitchen that I make.
X Clare

JuicyFig said...

ooh, ooh, can I join? please?
I can't crochet (I want someone to teach me, especially after looking at your gorgeous stuff) but I could definatly make something else for the kitchen...please???


Pipany said...

Oh your work is so even! Mine tends to vary depending on my mood! xx

saraeden said...

Hi Sarah im really no good at crocheting but im sure i can make something kitcheny !! I can make fabric egg cosies and things like that ??

Sara x

Vixbil said...

Haven't been here for a while but just wanted to say Hi and your pix and all your creations are so beautiful.. I would love to be in the swap but I don't make anything at all so if you do a 'not making something' swap at sometime please let me know

Lisa said...

Okay, since penny begged me, I'm in! I have never done a swap like this before, so go easy on me gals!

How long to we have for the swap?? I am working frantically on my produce bags, but still want to play!!

SewToBed said...

If you are still taking names then can I please join in?

My contribution won't be crotched it will be sewn (if that's OK?)

Miaou said...

Oh hello, can I join in? I'm always up for a swap!!