Friday, 29 June 2007

todays plans

This week i have been getting a batch of cards made up as i have been running low on them, so here's my little work table/corner that ui have been sat at and the box is nearly full again.
Today i am planning on getting this step stool that i bought from ikea a few weeks ago painted up in aged white egg shell paint and the coat hanger needs another couple of paints too ready to hang on the bedroom door (this is my 30p find which was blue)
And the winner of the soft toy is........
Ragged Roses, So if you could email me your details i will get it sent, also ....
Paper-and-string you came second and i have a crochet dish cloth to send you.
Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, it makes my day when i see a comment has been left.


Ragged Roses said...

30p!!! what a find! Wow just took a break from party preparations and found out the lovely news that I won that beautiful toy -THANK YOU! Have a lovely weekend. That stool will look great white.
Kim x
Cards are gorgeous

paper-and-string said...

thank you!! BUT it looks too nice too ruin by doing boring old dishes!! I am very jealous of your crochet skills :-)'s one of those things on my looong learn-to-do list!!