Thursday, 6 September 2007

give away day

I made this last night and decided i was going to give it away to my blog friends, so its up for grabs, just leave your comment and i will draw it over the weekend.Its a 18month diary with its own little felt case/holder.

Also listed lots of new things on ebay so take a peek if you have time. x

Also i am trying to get hold of a magazine, its called QUILTS AND MORE issue SUMMER 2007 and would be grateful if anyone could help........ please.



Katy said...

I just found you on ebay so thought I'd have a peek here too. Lovely shop and lovely blog! :)

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Wow you have been busy,I love the Alexander Henry fabric,it's gorgeous,oh it's so nice to have the kids back at school,I can think straight again.
Kat xx

Meg said...

Oh pink-petal, I don't know how you found me but I'm so glad. Just finished reading and admiring your entire site. We must be on the same wave-length, we have so much in common. Your Laura Ashley fabrics are just beautiful. What a difference nice fabric makes. I'm hoping there will be a few pennies in my purse if I sell some of my dolls and bags at the Fall market soon. I am craving Laura Ashley fabric. Thanks for the link, you are in the drawing! It is a pleasure to see what you're up to and I'll be back!

Heidijayhawk said...

that is the sweetest calendar!! glad you found that magazine!

jules said...

How clever you are, I found your blog whilst visiting one of my other regular blogs, you have made lovely things and I am going over to ebay now to have a look.


mollycupcakes said...

Hello honey,
Oww another giveaway yeay! I just love these.
Loving the new stock.
And I'll look out for the magazine.

Have a good weekend.

Catherine x

mollycupcakes said...

Hey sweetie, sorry me again. lol
I have just seen the right fabric to make Molly a new head band and it's yours.
You have a note book cover on your esty shop and some other bits made from it on your other post under this one.
Is it pos to buy some of it from you as I have another friend that will make me a new one from my little Molly.
If you'd like to email me direct it's
Thanks honey and I look forward to hearing from you. x

Tracy said...

That calendar is wonderful--very charming! Count me in on the giveaway ;o) Wish I could help with the magazine...don't have it where I am :o( Loved your pretty previous post--gorgeous fabrics. Happy Weekend to you ((HUGS))

Country Cottage Chic said...

How sweet! And purple is the "new black" this winter!

chrichri said...

Oh, what a sweet calendar! :) I just turned 25 yesterday, so who knows, I may have some my luck here;)Thanks for your lovely inspirational blog.

All the best,

Miles Away In France said...

Again more of your lovely work.
You are such an inspiration.

Please enter me for the giveaway.

Have a good weekend.

Racheal x

maramcp said...

Sweet diary, it would be hard to loose something so pretty in your handbag. (Note to self: tidy handbag)...

Violet said...

What a cute diary!! I would love to be in the draw. :-)

saraeden said...

i forgot to say a huge big thank you for the "nice matters" award ,its so sweet of you to think of me :0)

Sara x

Victoria May Plum said...

I can't resist a giveaway. The little diary is so pretty, I love the felt case.

Victoria x