Thursday, 31 January 2008

the cat that got the .....

WOW ,It's nearly two weeks since i was last here.

I have been really bust catching up with orders, knitting sock monkeys and lots and lots of sewing, i'll post pics when they are all finished and ready for there new home. Also have been making something for my swap partner Gina for the valentine swap which lucy locket is hosting.

But in between doing all these things i just had to make this little mouse with catnip inside.... Daisy loved it, iv'e had a cat on high all afternoon, she was going mad for it, it was so funny to watch. I'm going to be making more of these little mice.


Katy said...

me me me! I want a mouse (well, not ME, but the cats).
She looks completely off her head, are you sure it was catnip and not another type of plant in there? ;)

Rubyred said...

Aren't cats funny!Can't wait to see all your 'makes'.I've had a bunny week.

Kitty said...

My cat is odd - her favourite toy is a plastic egg out of the children's old food playset. She pats and scoots it round the floor for hours, purring at the top of her voice! x

mollycupcakes said...

Awww daisy is so cute, isn't it funny drugged up they go with catnip. My mum used to have a plant of it growing and our old cat used to eat it lol
Then race around the garden and house like he was being chased by the wind hehe!
We got some catnip bubbles and our cats just lokk at them as they fall to the floor, you can see their thinking "yer great!" lol
Catherine x

Melissa Goodsell said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the sock monkeys and the mouse is super for a little cat to play with!

tillyboo said...

Beautiful Daisy kitty !

I love torties. My little Billy-cat was a tortie and I had her for 16 years.
I think torties are a bit mental ... Billy had a fetish for foam and polystyrene. We'd have a garden full of sponges and lumps of polystyrene where she'd pilfered it from peoples houses and gardens !