Tuesday, 26 February 2008

yummy cookies

These lovely cookies came in the post today.
It's a kit to make your own and inc everything all ready for you to start, you just need a needle and thread and your away, arn't they cute !

They are from Sophie

Sophie also sent me a jar of some already made up as well, check out her lovely blog where you will find her shop to buy these and lots of other yummy things.


Kitty said...

Oh wow ...aren't those fabulous? x

Sophie Stansfield said...

Hi Sarah!
I should get you to take my photos from now on - they look great!
Have loads of fun making them!
Sophie x

ismoyo said...

So adorable! What a clever idea to have a kit of diy felt cookies in a jar. Lovely!

Pipany said...

They are just gorgeous. What a fun thing to make xx

Raindrops said...

Love these. I want to buy some Tricia

Penny said...

very cute Sarah!

mollycupcakes said...

Ooow I love Sophie's site, I found her at Christmas and got some yummie cookies too. The girls play with their felt food more than anything else lol


Catherine x