Thursday, 17 April 2008


I'm having a SALE !

So go grab yourself a bargin..... in my etsy shop everything is half price. Im having a sale ready to make space for new things.
Also for sale are these new flower corsage brooches.


PINK FLOWER £3.00 **** SOLD **** Thank you trashlou.

GREEN FLOWER £3.00 *****SOLD**** Thank you Catherine.



Kitty said...

Beatiful flowers - I shall go and check out Etsy later when the kids are in bed! x

driftwood said...

so pretty!

Ravenhill said...

You have the lovliest of posies for sale!!!

Penny said...

I love the three little flower corsage!!! Your crochet is looking lovely Sarah!

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Hun can I please nuy the green flower brooch, its just gorgeous.
Let me know how much I owe you. And I'll sort it through paypal.

Many thanks sweetie.


Catherine x

picciolo said...

these are beautiful, they look so soft and the colours are fabulous
: )

trashalou said...

heya! I just checked out etsy but didn't see these so please may I buy the pink brooch?

email is
and we can sort out paypal details.


Summer by the sea said...

Those crocheted flower corsages are so pretty - I hopped over to etsy but I was too late! While I'm here, can I pick your brains - is there any book you can recommend to learn to crochet (I am an accomplished knitter, but have never learnt to crochet) - Natalie x P.S - I popped your goodies in the post today so they should hopefully be with you tomorrow/Monday!

Melissa Goodsell said...

Those flowers are ever so pretty. Good luck with your Etsy sale :))

clarabelle said...

Hi Sarah
I received my cream flower and green flower in the post yesterday and they are LOVELY. Thanks also for the mug warmer - my mum has already tried out the pattern and it seems a nice and quick thing to do - can't wait.
Take Care
Clare x