Thursday, 3 July 2008

soaps and scraps

i have just recieved another order from the house of rose where i wrote about a few post ago, quite a few people asked me to let them know what i thought of the goats milk soap regarding my daughter excema, i would say that yes it is making her skin a lot softer which is helping with the itching as her skin is not so dry now, i was a bit worried about using soap as i never do normally its the creams and oils in the bath. The hearts are coco butter bath melts which also seem fine to use as well, we have not had any flare up so far so i would recomend giving it a try.
Sheila now has her own etsy shop too. I also again recieved lots of freebies to try out, the bear soaps, the chocolate melts and a yummy looking cake.
I am never throwing any scraps away again.... yesterday i sat and started sewing them all together, not knowing what it was going to turn out like but i like it, i think this is going to turn into a small tote bag. Which also reminded me i never did the giveaway, with going on holiday i forgot all about it for the bookmarks, so we will pick the winner out for those tonight as my daughter likes to choose.
Right im of to make some more passport cover as i am getting lots of orders for these.


Penny said...

Sarah! I love your scrap compilation!!! That strawberry fabric is to die for! So you just used the zigzag and sewed them together? Cute, cute!

Decorami Mis Labores said...

I love the scraps, nice job!

Maggie said...

Love your taste in fabrics, they look so beautiful like this. Thanks for sharing.

JuicyFig said...

lovely colours!!!
I have extended to a 'scrap' bag - wich is huge, and beeing rummaged in constantly - and I now have a 2" strip bag with strips from every fabric I get for those last minute log cabin projects!

love the photo with the Johnny Depp dude! hehehe


cpullum said...

very cute fabrics and love the soaps!

Concha said...

What a coincidence I also began sewing scraps together! :) It's addictive, right?