Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Valentine swap.

I have just recieved a lovely suprise in the post.... I took part in the valentine swap hosyed by Lucy locket recycled her pocket.
Here is my lovely swap from Gina whos blog is called fan my flame. Some lovely fabrics and the most georgoues ribbon, cant wait to use this.

This is a lovely silk purse and the photo isn't good enough to show you just how lovely this really is, inside is some red heart fabric and......

when i had a look inside there was a cute little box which had this lovely heart inside which i will be wearing later.

There's more...... a lovely handmade book

This is just so sweet, i love all of my gifts THANK YOU so much Gina !! x


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ooooh lovely goodies! I'm feeling really intimidated by all these wonderful parcels!

Kitty said...

Oh my word - much lovely Valentines 'stuff' going on here! I must get a move on with mine *blush* x

AnnieB said...

hell's bells! lovely stuff. Lucy Locket is not the only one starting to feel intimidated...mine's in the post too so nothing I can do about it now [nervous laughter]

buttercup & roses said...

wow, what a gorgeous bundle of goodies.
Your going to have great fun with those fabrics and ribbons!

Jen x

Katy said...

Wow - how gorgeous is all of that?!!!
Which reminds me to pull my finger out and get mine posted!!!

clarabelle said...

wow - what a lovely blog. I am a bit of a newbie and just starting out. Discovered your blog through - well it is quite a chain that has taken me most of the evening - but what a lovely evening it has been!
Have a lovely weekend

Vintage Amethyst said...

Ooohhhh how delicious!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Alison x

cd&m said...

You did get some lovely goodies didn't you?

tillyboo said...

What a lovely scrummy bundle - like christmas all over again !